About us


time for change

After a decade of struggling to find bikinis that were comfortable, fashionable and flattered her body, our founder Miranda launched Girl Got Curves. It is our mission to empower plus and curve-sized women to feel comfortable and confident to show off their beautiful bodies. We want to show you real women wearing bikinis embracing their rolls, cellulite and stretch marks.

how they’re different

Each of our plus size bikinis are a brand new design for women size 14-24 ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit.
With a mid-waist fit, every Girl Got Curves bikini is perfectly designed to enhance and complement your body. We use high quality fitting fabric to support whatever you're doing, whether you’re playing volleyball or just relaxing by the pool.

for women, by women

Every single Girl Got Curves bikini has been designed and made here in the UK, for women by women because women are great…right?
We use materials personally sourced by Miranda from within Europe ensuring we produce the highest quality bikinis. We truly believe in using low mileage resources and highly skilled UK makers as a way we can contribute to taking better care of the environment.

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